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This blog's 100% private! If you wish to, do feel free to add me as a friend. Just leave an introductory comment, add, and I'll add you back :)


First, a very, very big thank you to everyone for your well wishes and blessings! The comments (<3 lj friends), sms and calls really did a ton to make me feel better. The friends who are there, smsing through each step of the way - what would I have done otherwise? Especially to M, S, A, X, J, F, and some others (I hope you guys know who you are! public displays of affection are very hard for me so alphabets they shall remain :D) In fact I only plucked up the courage to go to the hospital after T's advice, and thank goodness I did :)

 I've been extra emotional since the incident (seriously), and am really feeling thankful for all the little things and realising just how blessed I am. Been to an emergency dentist visit, gotten temporary braces, medication, and an expectation of many visits to come as they work on each tooth (I don't know how many crownings and/or implants I'm in for yet), living on a liquid diet. Been to the A & E, got warded, CT scanned,  and released thankfully with no damage to the head found (that should be conclusive right?). If all goes well, hopefully the post-concussion headaches and dizziness will pass with some time, and the teeth operations won't be too many.

I've also realised how dependent I am on my parents and how much I admire and love them. From on-the-spot rationale decision making, to dropping work just to come and give me support, to my mum taking care of my every meal and dad coming home earlier from work to talk to me more. Then there's the no-expense-spared attitude when it comes to making sure I'm okay and well taken care of - health and safety first, don't worry about the cost. It's something they may not even do for themselves, and I cannot ask for any more. It makes me fear losing them even more (as if my paranoia isn't strong enough already - when my dad goes running i wonder if he'll fall and get hit by a car. yeeep).

And I realise I've prayed, so much more than I have in a long time. It's time I seriously sit down and think about where I'm going with my faith.

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am absolutely in love with walter. ain't he the cutest? and i want to grab that saying, font and all, and place it at the entrance to my house/room!

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I've been waking up to insatiable cravings of the everday egg benedict - Mac's egg mcmuffin, and thanks to J, I've been getting it quite a bit :) In other news, I've become a complete slob! I've been dressing so badly I'm embarassed - what happened to making sure that there were different outfits? I'm no longer even colour co-ordinated and walk out in whatever is comfy. Oh dread. One month more and I'm going to make myself go through the full extent of my wardrobe and come up with good combinations! This always seems to be my resolution when it's school time. Meanwhile, I shall not think about it and live in tank tops + cardigans + shorts groan.

Work's been insane - I honestly think yr 2 sem 1 was the best sem thus far, and yr 2 sem 2 the worst sem. Terrible few weeks past and ahead. Gosh.

Been thinking about people, places and identity a lot. Some food for thought really.

#1 all over again.

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Notice something different about this place? Yes, it's all cleaned up now :) I just bought a 2-month paid account just so I could do this overhaul. This place has served me well for the last 2.5 years, and with over 400 entries, it really quite a strong pocket of memory. I couldn't bear to delete them all, so they are all friends locked now. I think I'm just at the point whereby there's so many new things and directions that life is bringing me, and I'd like to start this on a fresh slate.

I haven't decided what to do with this place, whether to continue posting on it, or join it with the other blogspot places, or the wordpress-merge. I'll take some time to think about that! Meanwhile, thank you all for always being there :)